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Country Roots Ltd is proud to announce or Storefront, located at 8235 S. Mason Drive, Newaygo, MI 49337.  We are Blessed to share the Message of Organic Farming and Home Brewing. A location of our own provides adequate opportunity for open Consultations and Educational Workshops.  The Doctor will be in Monthly for anyone seeking a Medical Card. Please feel free to email or call at 231-452-6430 for interest in scheduling or attending an event.

Country Roots Ltd supplies our most approved gardening and brewing essentials. The expansion of merchandise in the store will also expand our website. Stay Tuned. We will provide our community with free knowledge, gardening tips, soil preparations, making Natural Inputs, feed schedule and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies tailored to a plants life and feeding needs. We are open to specific items of discussion with advanced request. We are Proud gardeners and do all we can to support the Hungry, Veterans, and MMP. We are a small family run responsible farm. We abide regulation and support a message of Natural Farming. We take our role very seriously and want to help the community find the way toward True Organic Gardening. We believe that we should all do our part in keeping this world a better place by craft gardening with Nature. Please share your journey with us on our Website, BlogInstagramFacebookor emailat We appreciate working with our communities the best we can. Please see the "News" Section of our website for additional information on events.

Please check out our Shop for Natural Farming amendments, Vortex water tools, promotional items and educational materials. We are the exclusive vendor for the Premium Glass Vortex equipment for energizing and structuring your water. We offer superior quality merchandise because we live by what we support. We share products we enjoy and use every day. Please feel free to email for Custom or International inquiry. Thank you for your support.