Welcome to Soil and Water Quality Testing at Country Roots Ltd. We are now collecting soil and water for quality analysis by a Licensed Professional Geologist. Email: GeologicFarmer@gmail.com for inquiry. Download our Chain of Custody, Sampling Guideline Data Sheets for further information.

There are many questions about Living Water. Some want to criticize. What is Living Water, how does it work and is there such a reality? Many people view water as simply water and only care about the availability and source. The truth is that water has many forms and is the source of Life along with Organics and Minerals. There are many varieties of water available on the market.  Living Water is in perpetual motion, colliding and swirling as it passes through the Living Environment. Water is on a constant collision course in Nature as it moves though the Minerals of Life. Quartz, SiO2, the Silicate Tetrahedron is the building block for minerals. The Fibonacci spiral is the structure of life.

Living Water is free from stagnation, kept at a cool temperature and in motion dancing within a healthy, clean environment.  We accomplish this goal with our water tools, filtered water, stones/minerals collected from the greatest Geologic environments, and proper brewing system. We desire a clean container with white walls and never use anything invasive for cleaning. Vinegar and brewers grade soap/sterilizer for a tougher clean.  The funnel stays clean by not using anything too sticky and giving it a great rinse after use. We mix and pour our Natural Inputs through the Vortex Funnel daily. We are honored to keep our cost at a minimum to share these tools with all who desire 💧

Chain of Custody
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