Vortex Nozzle

Vortex Nozzle


Capture Nature with a Glass Vortex. These all glass water wands are custom made by @PremiumGlass and are recommended for use with your current Water/ Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to “awake and energize” your water. The Vortex has many uses for pouring, mixing, vitalizing, and structuring. In nature, water purifies and vitalizes itself through vortex. We see them everywhere from Oceans, Lakes and Rivers to Tornadoes and Cyclones. The Vortex energizes your water by implosion (levitation and oxidation), making the water more readily available to our bodies and plants. The vortex creates living electric water through perpetual movement. Water structures, vitalizes and purifies itself through Vortex by oxygenation, swishing and stomping against objects such as stones in a river. We mimic the Vortex of Natural action as water tumbles down a river, over the stones, down a water fall and flowing through many obstacles as it descends down a mountain hillside to build and structure water. Water is restructured to a hexagonal form, creating more bonding space. We make several variants of these types of Water Devices. All may be customized, contact us for details. All inspired by Nature.

We also use our Vortex and Water Chambers as garden watering tools. These glass tools are easily adapted for use with an RO system, directly with hose, inside a brewer system or at the end of a watering can. Natural gem minerals or marbles are added to add a natural break. Fitting to a standard water supply line or hose allows the gardener to make the supply line as long or short as desired. A shut-off valve may also be requested. Try one for yourself, many are extremely grateful for affordable Vortex watering tool options. We make several variants of the Structured Water devices. All may be customized with an email but generally include:

The Vortex Nozzle includes the Borosilicate Glass Vortex Tool with 1 foot of Poly tubing and two clamps for attachment to your watering supply.

Our customization capabilities make this watering tool invaluable. Please email countryrootsltd@gmail.com for customization options.

International Orders: please email countryrootsltd@gmail.com

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