Organics Alive

Organics Alive

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Organics Alive is a microbial base grow line with a straightforward program, and easy to work in with an organic program.

Vegetative Formula 10-2-2 feeds at 1 to 4 tsp/gal depending on your soil and plant size

Transition Formula 4-8-8 feeds at 1 to 4 tsp/gal during the early flowing cycle

Bloom Formula 0-10-8 feeds at 1 to 4 tsp/gal during the last 2/3 of plant cycle.

The Fulvic Amino Extract enhanced solubility and keeps your plants strong

The Caster Bean Foliage is a true treat for your plants. Increase the health, vitality and lushness in your foliage program.

Humic Acids are bio-available to your Roots. Feed your Roots!

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