Living Soil Workshops

Our first workshop @horizenhydroponics in Lansing. Led by @geo_farms. We will also be running workshops in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Byron Center during the month of May. I hope to have good attendance so that we can do more through the summer. I want to teach people how to use modern natural farming. We are using the principles of the Nutrient Regenerative Cycle and KNF. We have a lot to learn and can craft quality, clean meds and foods by harvesting nature and not wasting materials. We will talk about products in the store and how to use them with natural farming. We are a small part of this puzzle as there are many on the west coast who use these methods. We are happy to bring this type of knowledge to our community.



The first few Workshops in Lansing and Kalamazoo, MI went great. Our attendants were engaged and many were already using Natural Farming practices. We love to learn from others and share our stories. We all benefit and improve as farmers. We talked of an outdoor, more "hands-on" type event in June. Lets see how the rest of May goes and who all we can engage. Maybe we can find common ground for a few meetings in June.

Our next workshop is this Wednesday May 23, 2018 in Byron Center, MI at The Growers Outlet from 3-6p. We are also going to livestream the event to social media (Instagram and Facebook). We look forward to this event very much as we have already received great feedback from the community. Our efforts are making an impact if only a few folks at a time. We are always thinking of ways to connect with the community and we are planning our workshops for the summer, one month at a time. We are open to suggestions and feedback. We hope to see you at an event soon. Come Learn and Share! Free Knowledge!

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