Modern Natural Farming for Cannabis

Our latest poster created by Geo Farms,MS, PG, EP - Our focus is primarily on making our own juices and extracts using "dynamic accumulator" species of plants and herbs. These ancient farming practices have been utilized for centuries, but seem to have been forgotten by many. We acknowledge to use of the Korean Natural Farming (KNF) practices laid out by Master Cho and Chris Trump. Not everyone feeds the same and not everyone will make all of the suggested feedings but it’s the start that counts πŸ’š We stress the importance of a good living soil beneficial tea schedule along with extracts and juices. We use beneficial teas to boost our plants along through their life cycle (another lesson).  I cannot see what all you do in your garden. Natural farming is not easy and takes work but you can transition slowly. Many start with a Fermented for Plant or Fruit Juice, all good with me my friends πŸ’š We will email our poster to anyone for free or you are welcome to order a printed 11x17 or 24x36 heavy duty poster sent in a mailer tube. Constructive comments welcome. We are working on many more presentations for our upcoming workshop. All materials for workshops will be available to the public.