Vortex Funnel @EnergizedWater

Vortex Funnel @EnergizedWater

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Capture Nature with your Water and Energize it with the Vortex Funnel. These Premium Glass Funnel Systems are hand made by @PremiumGlass and are recommended for use with your current Water/ Reverse Osmosis (RO) system to “awake and energize” your water. The Vortex Funnel has many uses for pouring, mixing, vitalizing, and structuring. In nature, water purifies and vitalizes itself through vortex. We see them everywhere from Oceans, Lakes and Rivers to Tornadoes and Cyclones. Living Water is in perpetual motion, colliding and swirling as it passes through the Living Environment. The Vortex creates living energetic water by implosion (levitation and oxidation), making the water readily available to our bodies and plants. Water structures, vitalizes and purifies itself through Vortex by oxygenation, swishing and stomping against objects such as stones in a river. The Fibonacci spiral represents the Helical structure of life, DNA. We are simply respecting these principles in our watering program for ourselves and our plants for optimal hydration/availability. 

We mimic the Natural Environment, water tumbling down a river, over the stones, down a water fall and flowing through many obstacles as it descends down a mountain hillside. Dead water has oblique molecular shapes and is often harmful. Structured water holds beautiful hexagonal forms and shapes. Adding and breaking down H- and O+ makes water more effective for us and our plants. Water molecules are important for Cation Exchange (CEC) and the carrier of nutrients. Structure your water, blood and plants. Try one for yourself, many are extremely grateful for affordable Structured Water tool options. We make several variants. All may be customized with an email countryrootsltd@gmail.com

The Vortex Funnel has may uses including setup as viewed with an infinite Vortex Funnel. Pour Water and/or Drinks through the Funnel or make an infinite vortex funnel with a small water pump.

Add ons:

  1. Add a Scientific Stand (Laboratory Grade Metalware Set - Support Stand (8" x 5"), 12mm Dia. Rod (24" L), Burette Clamp and Retort Ring (2.5" diameter). You may mount or keep this device mobile, but a scientific stand is great for portability and vertical mount over a brewing system.

  2. Water pump and hosing for brewing setup.

  3. Ultraviolet Light Filtering bottle with air tight seal.

  4. Rugged Mobility Case is recommended for easy shipping and portability.

  5. 7 Gallon Brewers Bucket makes a great brewing setup for filling and mixing plant feed.

  6. INFINITY Vortex Funnel Setup includes the Premium Glass Funnel, Scientific Stand, Water Pump, 3 feet of Poly Hose with Fittings and 7 gallon brewing bucket. This is everything you need to set up an infinite vortex structured water brewing system. We will add a bonus of Orgonite or Gems.

We will replace any broken glass products of ours if an accident were to occur. Simply take a photo and email to countryrootsltd@gmail.com countryrootsltd@gmail.com and discuss replacement for the cost of shipping. 

Our customization capabilities make this watering tool invaluable. Please email countryrootsltd@gmail.com for customization options.

International Shipping: Please email countryrootsltd@gmail.com or Social Media

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