Stone/Water Chambers

Stone/Water Chambers

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Wake your water and restructure your water with the Structured Water Chamber. We recommend our Structured Water Chambers used as a garden watering tool. These glass chambers are custom made by @PremiumGlass and easily adapted for use with an RO system, directly with hose or inside a brewer system. Marbles and/or gemstones are added to add a natural break in water. In nature, water structures, vitalizes and replenishes itself through Vortex and oxygenated swishing and stomping against objects such as stones in a river. Living Water is in perpetual motion, colliding and swirling as it passes through the Living Environment. Water is on a constant collision course in Nature as it moves though the Minerals of Life. This device is easily fitted to any water supply line/hose to allow the gardener to make the supply line as long or short as desired. A shut-off valve may also be requested. Try one for yourself, many are extremely grateful for affordable Structured Water tool options. We make several variants. All may be customized with an email but we recommend the following:

  1. Structured Water Marble Chambers (approximately 12”) are best used Vertically with pressurized water. The marbles/gems break the water in a natural manner enhancing H+ and O+ of Water. The Water Chamber includes 2-feet of poly tubing and 4 clamps for attachment to your watering choice.

  2. Add a Scientific Stand (Laboratory Grade Metalware Set - Support Stand (8" x 5"), 12mm Dia. Rod (24" L), Burette Clamp and Retort Ring (2.5" diameter). You may mount or keep this device mobile, but a scientific stand is great for portability and vertical mount over a brewing system.

  3. Rugged Mobility Case is recommended for easy shipping and portability.

  4. 7 Gallon Brewers Bucket makes a great brewing setup for filling and mixing plant feed.

We will replace any broken glass products of ours if an accident were to occur. Simply take a photo and email to and discuss replacement for the cost of shipping.

Our customization capabilities make this watering tool invaluable. Please email for customization options.

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